Two roads diverged in a wood and I-- I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference."

Robert Frost

Want to Meet Me?

I usually can be found hanging out with my writing group on the 1st and 3rd days of each month. Most of the time I spend all my free time at little cafes and Starbucks. Writing in a crowd can help me think about things and get out my ideas on the computer. When I'm not writing, I'm at getting my BA in Anthropology and minoring in Religion. I love to write, but college can bring down the motivation really quick. On the other hand, I love being able to design covers and ideas around covers. Sometimes, I find myself creating stories just so that I can make a cover.


My biggest inspiration: Tamora Pierce. She's the reason that I started writing and continue to do so. I eventually want to get out there and publish one thing traditionally but will continue writing and loving it.
I consider a few people (and a cat) my muse: -First, my mom has always been my biggest supporter and always pushes me to keep going. -My little sister, I love you dearly. She's the reason that you (my lovely reader) get some amazing plots. She's the mastermind behind Song of the Nightingale and another upcoming book, Fantasma. -My cat Darwin is my life and he's always a constant source of love and affection. -To my final muse, who I must say is the one who makes me smile, who reminds me of how wonderful life is. They always cheer me up on the worst of days, with a simple text or conversation. I know you are out there and I want to tell you with all my heart, thank you for being such a huge support even though you aren't quite aware of it.

The Writing Begins

I started writing novels when I was twelve. I specifically remember reading the Princess Diaries books (at which I ask-- which girl at that age hasn't?). I was obsessed with going into that world and becoming her so that I could escape. That's when I decided that I want to create my own worlds too. The first books that I created haven't seen the light of day since, but they are always there to remind me why I write. Not just for myself but for that that wish to escape reality, if just for a bit.

About My Books

I have to admit that sometimes they come from my brain, but other times I've found the best ideas on NaNoWriMo. Some of the stories are the brainchild of my little sister. World building is the best part of the writing process, I think. I get to create places and races and people and cultures. It's something that I rarely get to do, so I take advantage of when I do have to develop them. I started writing with Firstborn, the first in a 7-9 book series that's always changing. It was the first to be published and I always give the advice to new writers - Don't start off your writing career with more than a three book series.